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By A. G. Fishburn

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It is chemically extremely inert and therefore stable and not liable to incompatibility. P. It is not normally included in the emulsified paraffin bases and is rarely used at concentrations higher than 5 per cent. Recommended Further Reading DAVIES, R. E. M. and ROWSON, J. , / . Pharm. Pharmacol. 1960, 12, 154 237 (Cellulose derivatives). and CHAPTER 4 SURFACE-ACTIVE AGENTS ONE of the most interesting developments in formulation over the past twenty years has been the marked increase in the use of surfaceactive agents.

Coconut oil) have been injected as intravenous feeding emulsions. Their main use in pharmacy is, or has been, in ointment bases, particularly in those which are required to be absorbed through the skin. One vegetable fat (theobroma) is primarily used for insertion into body cavities. They are normally incorporated in completely non-aqueous bases, and not as the disperse phase in emulsions. A drawback to some fats is their liability to go rancid on storage, hence the early development of preparations such as benzoated (or benzoinated) lard and suet.

Cetrimide 50 AN INTRODUCTION TO PHARMACEUTICAL FORMULATION In pharmacy, group (d) is the most useful because its members are least liable to incompatibility and are, in general, safest to the patient. Cationic surface-active agents are usually bactericidal and are used as drugs rather than as excipients. Being derived frequently from natural sources, such as animal or vegetable oils and fats (the common starting point for long carbon chains), surface-active agents are not necessarily single chemical entities but a mixture of closely related compounds.

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