American Knights: The Untold Story of the Men of the by Victor Failmezger PDF

By Victor Failmezger

ISBN-10: 1472809378

ISBN-13: 9781472809377

An unmissable white-knuckle journey from the Kasserine move to Anzio, Operation Dragoon to the ultimate assaults at the 3rd Reich, this is often the gripping tale of the lads and machines that took on Nazi Germany's most sensible. This ebook not just unearths the technical info and origins of the 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion, it locations the reader at the entrance strains of the eu struggle.

As the struggle swung within the prefer of the Allies, it turned transparent that no ultimate defeat of the 3rd Reich will be attainable till the armored monsters of the Panzerwaffe have been defeated. yet who could, or maybe may perhaps, tackle the robust Tigers and Panthers, only a handful of whom may cease complete formations of their tracks? the reply lay with the formation of a brand new form of unit, the Tank Destroyer Batallion. this is often the tale of the lads and machines who made up the first actual Tank Destroyer Batallion, the 601st, from their specified education and formation, to the ultimate, determined battles within the middle of Nazi Germany. filled with infrequent fabric, letters, diaries and unpupublished pictures, this is often an severe and intimate chronicle of the lads who fought the Panzers in an excellent 10 campaigns and 546 days of deadly wrestle. Re-live the thrill and terror of combating the simplest the Wehrmacht and SS needed to provide, in each significant crusade within the West.

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