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By Mia Zachary

ISBN-10: 1426853157

ISBN-13: 9781426853159

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Now the afternoon caseload would either run late or have to be rescheduled. “All right, thanks. ” Once upon a time, she really had been quick-tempered and over-ambitious, an impatient and obsessively ambitious corporate law attorney who treated everything in her life like a merger or acquisition. Then she’d discovered a lump in her right breast that irrevocably changed her life… Despite a partnership being well within reach, she had quit her lucrative position with the law firm. Instead she’d accepted a position as a referee, a Family Court officer appointed by the presiding judge to hear cases that involved juveniles.

PajamaPartyGirl: I’m sorry you didn’t have a good time. You can pick the place for our next Break Away Night. JadeBlossom: I did have a good time, honest. PajamaPartyGirl: Uh huh. Whenever people have to tell you they’re being honest, they aren’t. Did that hot blond you were dancing with do something to upset you? Is that why you left early? REI GRINNED at the computer screen. Oh, the hot blond had done something, all right, but he hadn’t upset her. If she possessed an ounce of sense, she’d be embarrassed and ashamed over making out with a stranger in a club.

But, not her. Not now. After that came anger, a lot of anger. At her body, at the universe, at her father who acted like it was contagious and at Jack, another of her arrogant, opinionated ex-boyfriends, who had walked out when she most needed comfort and reassurance. After lumpectomy surgery she’d endured radiation treatment and chemotherapy sessions that had left her exhausted and nauseated. The glossy black hair she’d always been so proud of had thinned out and she’d lost fifteen pounds from lack of appetite….

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