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Following the Soviet invasion in 1979, the Mujahideen defenders of Afghanistan constructed and bolstered many normal cave platforms to take advantage of as offer bases and protective positions. The Taliban and Al Qaeda extra reinforced those positions within the Nineties. Following the occasions of September eleven, 2001, those cave platforms have once again come to prominence and websites similar to Tora Bora and Zhawar Kili have featured in information headlines world wide. This identify offers an research of those caves and underground structures, and discusses the U.S.-led Coalition's tactical method of dislodging the enemy from those fortified positions.

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The commandos were trapped between two forces and were killed or captured. By the end of the day, the Mujahideen captured 530 commandos. Meanwhile, Soviet aircraft with smart munitions made ordnance runs on the caves. Since the caves faced southeast toward Pakistan, the Soviet aircraft overflew Pakistan in order to turn and fly at the southern face with the smart weapons. Smart missiles hit the first western cave and killed 18 Mujahideen outright. qxd 11/3/09 12:36 Page 53 missiles hit the second western cave and collapsed the cave opening trapping some 150 Mujahideen inside.

Prisoner interrogation has indicated that many tunnel complexes are interconnected, but the connecting tunnels, concealed by trapdoors or blocked by 3 to 4ft of dirt, are known only to selected persons and are used only in emergencies. , 3–5 miles, through which relatively large bodies of men may be transferred from one area to another, especially from one “fighting” complex to another. The “fighting” complexes terminate in well-constructed bunkers, in many cases covering likely landing zones in a war zone or base area.

US Army) An aerial view of a rugged mountain pass near Gardez. The mountainous terrain provides many hiding places for groups like Al Qaeda and the Taliban. S. ” This time, the Soviet sappers quit work and immediately boarded their vehicles. Kutsenko ensured that everyone was on board and the trail party left, with Kutsenko returning in the captured tank. After 57 days of campaigning, the DRA held Zhawar for only five hours. In addition to the standard mines and booby traps, the communist forces planted seismic-detonated mines and sprinkled aerial-delivered butterfly bombs over the area.

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