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Abhinavagupta, certainly the best genius of India within the fields of philosophy, aesthetics, poetics, dramaturgy, Tantra and mysticism, is being rediscovered purely within the previous few a long time. even supposing numerous students, in India and overseas, are engaged in learning his works, it's staggering that there are nonetheless few translations available.

Abhinavagupta explains in his observation that he undertook this paintings simply because he felt that his predecessors whilst commenting at the Bhagavad Gita had now not understood its mystery or esoteric meanings.

The current paintings provides a distinct model of the Bhagavad Gita within the gentle of Kashmir Shaivism. it is going to even be inspiring fpr somebody attracted to the perform of the key yogaof the Gita.

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If after gaining the power of acquiring knowledge in this way, one can realise the highest form of empirical self which is the Cogniser, and retain that enlightenment, then one can reach the highest stage of comprehension of the phenomenal world. Subsequently, if with discriminative knowledge, realising the phenomenal character of the empirical self, one can, by supreme renunciation, shut out even that engrossment, that would be Asamprajnata-yoga*. e. complete cessation of physical and psychical activity, when only the solitary existence of Purusa*or the metempiric Self remains.

Yoga, What it is, and What it is not xvii Yoga Philosophy of Patañjali: Book I. On Concentration 1 Book II. On Practice 113 Book III. Supernormal Powers 249 Book IV. On the Self-in-Itself or Liberation 346 Appendixes A. Jnana-yoga * 411 B. Tattvas and their Realisation 416 C. The Doctrine of Karma 424 D. Collection of Yoga Aphorisms 445 E. Diacritical Marks, Glossary of Sanskrit Words 457 Index 471 Page vii PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION Yoga is one of the six systems of Indian Philosophy, and Patañjali's Yoga-sutra * is one of the earliest treatises amongst them.

This is pre-eminently noticeable in the teachings of the Katha* Upanisad*. Rsi* Panchasikha* was the first to formulate the teachings of Paramarsi* Kapila into a number of aphorisms. Unfortunately, the Samkhya-sutra*, as his work is called, is no longer available in its entirety, but the little that is available is sufficient to give us a coherent picture of the entire Samkhya* philosophy. Isvarakrsna*, a later author, compiled nearly all the Samkhya* doctrines in a treatise which is still available and is known as the Samkhya-karika*.

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