New PDF release: A Yogi Approach

By Danijel Turina

ISBN-10: 9539882494

ISBN-13: 9789539882493

This can be a ebook that might switch your perspective--to those who give some thought to themselves atheists as a result of war of words with the superficial and mindless God innovations, this publication may exhibit that they, in truth, did think in God for the total time, yet now not in God provided within the type of the grumpy previous grandpa sitting on his cloud, considering extra regulations in their intercourse lifestyles, yet in God who's the enjoyment truthfully and advantage, who's the wonder within the concord of all issues, who's the root of all issues confident and reliable, that we will adventure in our lives--God who's the real which means and objective of our lives, and the hidden item of all our longings.

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This car is wonderful. It has qualities that will introduce happiness in your life. Without it you are not complete. What you have now is not good enough. Your value is dependent on the objects and their possession. If you possess a good object, your value will grow. If you have a bad object, your value is miserable. Compared to our object, everything that you have is miserable and inadequate. Your value is small. But we have a solution! ” Until a new model reaches the market. So we are being systematically projected upon with pictures that are meant to create an initial breach into our consciousness.

It is thus visible that this form of criticism is hypocrisy and nourishes the faulty concepts. Let us move on to the issue of sex. The fact being that the human beings reproduce in a sexual way, it is obvious that the existence of the physical bodies in the world directly depends on sex. Those who advocate abandoning sex are in fact directly advocating their own extinction as a species. We should also have in mind that the spiritually advanced people, the enlightened people, are the very group of people that will be able to raise children in an ideal way, in the environment of love and higher consciousness.

The truth resembles the flow of a swift, great river. In its flow there are no patterns, and the only constants that remain are the life and the change. Those who expect a static teacher and a static teaching will get a false teacher and a false teaching. Then they protest, saying that there are no real teachers and teachings, but that they are all just fakes and their deceptions. What are they surprised at, they just got what they asked for? They asked for a fixed teaching founded on ancient dogmas, and then they are surprised with its falsehood.

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