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By Henry E Roscoe; Carl Schorlemmer; John Cannell Cain; Charles Henry Jeens; Bernard Mouat Jones

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Through the years 1980-81, as visitors of the Deutsches Wollforschungsinstitut in Aachen, Germany, we have been engaged on a small publication entitled, "Principles of Peptide Synthesis". within the library of the Institute we famous that the volumes of Houben-Weyl's Handbuch der Organischen Chemie facing peptide synthesis have been rather a lot in use that they have been able to crumble as the researchers of the Institute consulted them with extraordinary regularity.

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This didactic method of the rules and modeling of mass move because it is required in smooth business tactics is exclusive in combining a step by step creation to all very important basics with the newest functions. dependent upon the popular author's winning new modeling process as used for the O-18 approach, the exemplary workouts incorporated within the textual content are fact-proven, taken without delay from current chemical crops.

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139-0 . 206-4 . 7-01 . 23-94 . 54-8 . 199-8 Molybdenum . Nickel . Niobium Nitrogen Osmium. Oxygen . Palladium . Phosphorus. Platinum . Potassium . Rhodium . Rubidium . Ruthenium . Selenium . Silver . Silicon . Sodium . Strontium . Sulphur . Tantalum . Tellurium . Terbium. Thallium Thorium. Tin . . Titanium Tungsten . Uranium . Vanadium . Yttrium . Zine . . Zirconium . Atomic weight. . 95-8 . 58-6 . 94-0 . 1401 . 198-6 . 15-96 . 1062 . 30-96 . 196-7 . 39-04 . 1041 . 85-2 .

For the purpose of exhibiting this we only need to pass a curreut of electricity from four or six Grove's or Bhnsen's elements by means of two platinum poles through some water acidulated with sulphuric avid (Fig. 5). The instant contact is made, bubbles of gas begin to ascend from each platinum plate and collect in the graduated tubes, which at first are filled with the acidulated water. After a little time it will be seen that the plate which is in coa- Fu. 5 neetion with the zinc of the battery evolves more gas than the one which is in contact with the platinum or carbon of the battery; and after the evolution has continued for a few minutes one tube will be seen to contain twice as much gas as the other.

Y. 260, 1871-5. 3—2 36 HISTORICAL INTRODUCTION. " Thomson states that during the years 1803 and 1804 Dalton was occupied with the examination of the composition of the two gaseous hydro-carbons, marsh gas and defiant gas, and the results of this examination led him to, the adoption of the atomic theory. He found that both these bodies consist solely of carbon and hydrogen, and that the first of these gases contains twice as much hydrogen to a given quantity of carbon as the second. Hence he concluded that defiant gas contains one atom of carbon combined with one of hydrogen, whereas marsh gas consists of one atom of csrbon combined with two atoms of hydrogen.

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A treatise on chemistry by Henry E Roscoe; Carl Schorlemmer; John Cannell Cain; Charles Henry Jeens; Bernard Mouat Jones

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