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This list includes practice and dispassion, the Brahma Vihåra, devotion to the Lord of Yoga (I§vara), and a host of other practices. In terms of the guœasthåna system, these might be equated to the first seven stages: rising above the ignorant view, making a deci- HARIBHADRA AND PATAÑJALI 37 sion to purify one’s life, and establishing oneself in foundational ethical practices. At the conclusion of this list of some twenty or so practices, Patañjali then enters into a systematic discourse on the hierarchy of stages of samådhi.

In the verses that explicate Haribhadra’s understanding of this sixth phase, he states that one’s conduct becomes purified, that one is beloved among beings, with a mind always fixed on scriptural teachings. Such a one, he states, no longer becomes enticed by worldly affairs and avoids obstacles as though they were only a mirage. As with descriptions of the liberated soul in the Chåndogya Upaniÿad and the extensive Living Liberation (jŸvanmukti) tradition of later Vedånta, he states that one remains detached even while in the midst of enjoyment, progressing toward the highest step.

In later tradition, this becomes closely associated with the Ha÷ha Yoga schools and refers to the wide range of postures that the aspiring yogi learns in an attempt to prepare the body for extended periods of meditation. 2 The Yoga of Bandhu Bhagavaddatta Adveÿa (No Adversion) Jijñåsa (Desire for Knowledge) £u§r™ÿå (Desirous to Hear Truth) £ravaœa (Hearing Truth) Sukÿmabodha (Subtle Awakening) MŸmå¤så (Reflection) Pratipatti (Perception of Truth) SåtmŸ-k®ta–prav®tti (Enactment of Absorption) [Christopher Key Chapple] – THE VEDANTIN YOGA OF BHAGAVADDATTA 43 many texts that refer to the need for one to be teachable in order to progress on the spiritual journey.

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