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VI, p. ; Vol. VII, p. 3G3 sq. Of the Italian historians, Niccolini, Solari, and Pareti are the ones who have most syste­ matically devoted themselves to the s tu dy of Sparta; see the former's Elementi del periodo epico nclla constituzionc di Sparta (Ri v is t a di storia antica, IX, 1904, p. ). • Up to 1894, when the Duke of Cambridge was retired, the Commander-in-chief of the British Army was as a rulr a member of the royal family.

And the Sayings of Laconian Women (TO. tion, Paris, 1856, Vol. III, pp. 253-292, 292-297, and 297-300. me and e. s e. s e. rte. graire il. rte; e. reh's Life of Lycurgus. ' Cf. G. rchs im Leben des Lykurgos (e. r F. rchs Leben des Lykurgos (in the Collection Sieglin, Quellen u. Forschungcn zur alten Geschichte, Vol. XXIII, Berlin, 1910). • Sphreros Borysthenites, whom Kessler (p. s e. privy councillor of Cleomenes, is said to have written e. bout the Lacedremonian state and another about Lycurgus and Socrates.

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