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By F. W. E. Johnson

The fifth Battalion of the Royal Irish Fusiliers shaped a part of the tenth (Irish) department raised on the outbreak of the nice struggle in line with Kitchener’s demand volunteers. This very concise historical past relates the battalion’s exploits which begun at Gallipoli in July 1915. After a difficult mauling during this doomed crusade, the battalion recuperated at the Greek island of Lemnos sooner than being hurled into another forlorn company : the try to shop Serbia from being overrun. The unit’s years within the Balkans ended at the Macedonian entrance, to which they bid farewell within the autumn of 1916, with stories ‘chiefly composed of complication, illness and ennui’. The battalion’s subsequent port of name was once the Palestine crusade of 1917-18, changing mountain war for the barren region. In Palestine the Battalion ultimately tasted victory opposed to the Turks, assisting to force them from the Gaza-Bethsheba line and deep into the hills of Judea. The battalion eventually embarked for France in might 1918. After a richly deserved spell of go away, and regardless of enduring its first gasoline assault, the battalion joined the pursuit of the Germans around the River Scheldt within the ultimate weeks of the battle.

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