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By Louise Grime

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No time to workout? No challenge! DK's new 15-Minute health sequence can provide the entire instruments you must squeeze common workout into your lifestyles. This marvelous new structure bargains: 4 certain gatefolds for simple, step by step guideline; a DVD to stroll you thru each one regimen; and a fully-illustrated, fully-annotated ebook that will help you ideal your method. select one in all 4 entire mini-workouts every day to focus on a particular a part of the physique, and to enhance, stretch, and construct your method to a extra toned, fitter you.

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Keep your head relaxed. bend knees if need be hands on the floor 14 Inhale and bring your right leg back and your knee to the floor. Place your hands on the floor on either side of your front foot for a Lunge. knee on the floor hands on the floor >> rise & shine sun salutation 29 15 Exhale and come back into Downward Dog (see inset). Bend your knees, if need be. Inhale forward into a Plank. Keep your body and arms straight. Push your heels away and the crown of your head forward. push crown of head forward push heels away 16 Exhale and bring your knees, chest, and chin down to the floor.

Inhale and look ahead. Exhale and bring your hands to your hips. Inhale and come up. feet parallel hands in line with shoulders 18 Turn your right foot out and keep your left foot in, ready for Warrior 2. Exhale and bend your right knee directly over your ankle. Rotate both your knees away from each other. Keep strong and straight on your left leg all the way to the outside of your foot. Inhale and stretch your arms out, looking out toward your right index finger. Have a couple of breaths here.

Push heels back and away navel is pulling back to the spine forearms are shoulder-width apart 47 48 >> strengthening bent leg dog/forward bend 5 Come back onto all-fours, tucking your toes under. Exhale, lifting your knees off the floor and straightening your legs into Downward Dog. Push your sitbones up, relax your head, and keep your arms straight. If your hamstrings feel very tight initially, bend your legs, feeling your spine lengthening. On every exhalation, pull the front of your thighs up to help straighten your legs.

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